Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our partnerships with Dr. Preston D. Cherry at Concurrent Financial and Miranda Bonde at Woodbury Financial provides our members the opportunity to work with professionals with the knowledge and experience to guide you through all of your financial stages in life. By listening to your goals, they will work with you to put together a plan that offers you the best opportunities to stay on track with your goals and will assist you every step of the way as you pursue them. We encourage you to reach out to either, or both, to best suit your needs.

This partnership allows Shoreline Hometown Credit Union to offer its members access to professional financial planning services. We aim to help you achieve your financial goals and secure your future.

Concurrent Financial Planning

Walk Through Our Doors. We Help You Walk Your Path.

We deliver a transformative financial advice experience that helps you align your finances to what you value most and build wealth to achieve financial freedom. Let’s plan for the life you envision.

Popular Financial Planning Priorities for the People We Serve:

Lifestyle spending & flexibility
Lifestage transitions & permissions
Risk & insurance management
Retirement choice, confidence, & investments
Forward tax planning
Social Security & Medicare
Sandwich Generation: college & adult children and elder parents
Student loan debt reduction
Career flexibility & benefits packages
Values-based charitable giving
Equity compensation
Legacy estate planning
Business tax & retirement
Business exit, protection & valuation
Cryptocurrency dynamic

Dr. Preston D. Cherry, AFC®, CFT-I™, CFP®

CEO & Wealth Advisor
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When meeting with a financial advisor for an initial discussion, have these things in mind:

  • Cash and Debt Management – Are you finding that sometimes you run out of money before the end of the month?  Having a conversation with a financial advisor can assist you in bringing order to you monthly finances and putting together a plan to get you on solid financial footing.
  • Retirement Planning — Have you determined approximately when you expect to retire and how much you need to accumulate as a nest egg? If your retirement is close at hand or if you are already retired, your financial advisor can help you calculate how much you can withdraw for annual living expenses with the goal of not depleting your assets.
  • Diversification — During the past several years, investors have experienced considerable volatility as many types of stocks declined and rose in sync. But longer term, owning a mix of different types of investments may help to lower the volatility of your portfolio when one area of the financial markets experiences a downturn.
  • Risk Tolerance — How do you react when a portion of your portfolio declines in value? Your financial advisor can help you craft a mix of stock, bond, and other investments (known as asset allocation) that suits your feelings about risk and your investment horizon. Remember that even if you are a conservative investor, earning a rate of return that exceeds the rate of inflation is critical when pursuing long-term goals.
  • Net Worth — Have your total assets minus total liabilities (such as loans and credit card debt) gone up or down during the past year? Many investors may be facing a smaller net worth because of declines in the value of stock and real estate holdings. If this describes you, don’t despair. Consider whether you can start saving more in an attempt to rebuild your assets. Or you may want to review your asset allocation to determine whether an adjustment in your portfolio aligns well with your goals.
  • Risk Management – Do you have your bases covered in case something happens and you aren’t able to work due to a sickness or injury?  What would happen to your family if you or your spouse passed away?  What would happen to your retirement plans if you or your spouse needed home health care or skilled nursing services?  Your advisor can help you confirm if you have adequate coverage and can also walk you through the “What if?” scenarios that help you clearly understand the amount of risk that you are taking on with your current level of coverage.
  • Estate Planning — Do you have a will? Have you reviewed your beneficiary designations? Have you considered the tax implications of transferring your estate to your heirs? If your estate plan was prepared some years ago, it may be time for a review to make sure it is appropriate for your current circumstances.

Miranda Bonde*, CFP®

Financial Advisor
[email protected]

916 Willard Dr Ste 120
Green Bay, WI 54301

*Securities and investment advisory services offered through Osaic Wealth, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC. Osaic Wealth is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of Osaic Wealth..

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