Best of the Lakeshore

Vote Shoreline Hometown Credit Union for BEST of the Lakeshore 2020! Your truly local Credit Union. Shoreline Hometown Credit Union is proud to be a part of The Lakeshore and being the Hometown Credit Union means something to us. At Shoreline Credit Union, we have always been a supporter of our community in Manitowoc County. We focus our commitment by volunteerism, giving and sponsorships.

Refresh Your Ride
Loan Sale

Are you tired of riding around in a clunker? Shoreline Hometown Credit Union has the perfect opportunity for you to drive a better vehicle with the “Refresh your Ride” loan sale. Apply today to take advantage of Shoreline’s low rate on vehicle loans. As a bonus, make no loan payments for 90 days.

Money Desktop!

Welcome to Money Desktop, your easy-to-use budget tool that allows you to track most of your bank accounts in one place. By using Money Desktop (available in both online banking and our mobile app), you’ll be able to aggregate all your accounts in one place, track and categorize spending, set goals and budgets, and stay on top of your finances!

Save your cents with Make Cents™

Make Cents™ rounds up each of your Shoreline debit card purchases to the next whole dollar amount. At the end of the day, the “cents” from all your purchases is directly transferred from your checking account to the Shoreline savings account or money market of your choice.

Download Shoreline's Mobile App today!

Download Shoreline's Mobile App today! Perform all your banking and lending functions right on your mobile device.

Hometown Loan Rebate Program. Earn cash back to your loan!

Personalized Hometown service is a major benefit of banking at Shoreline Hometown Credit Union. Earn 0.25% cash back to your mortgage or consumer loan by completing three simple steps.

Proud To Support The Seehafer News App.

Get reliable, local news on your smartphone! Shoreline Hometown Credit Union is proud to partner with Seehafer News to be the Presenting Sponsor of their new, local Seehafer News App. Download the free App today from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get the latest news about the Lakeshore.

Rates at a Glance

24-48 mo. APR 60-mo. APR 72-mo. APR 84-mo. APR 96-mo. APR
As Low As:
100% Loan-To-Value
2.89% 3.14% 3.64% 4.14% 4.89%

If you are interested in a home loan with a low rate, contact your Shoreline loan officer for our competitive mortgage rates and options, or to schedule an appointment.

Annual Percentage Rate
As Low As:
Titled Auto/RV/Cycle Loans 2.89%
Non-titled Vehicle Loans (ATV,
Snowmobile, Dirt Bike)
Annual Percentage Yield
Money Market 0.05% – 0.35%
Elite Money 0.15% – .90%
Savings Account 0.02% – 0.50%
Share Certificates 0.69% – 1.18%
IRAs 0.69- 1.18%
Health Savings Account 0.05% – 0.50%
If you are facing a financial hardship due to COVID-19, contact Shoreline Hometown Credit Union. at 920-482-3779 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Learn More
Branch lobbies are temporarily closed. The Drive Thru's are still open. For loan inquiries please call 920-482-3755 to set up an appointment. Please use our full digital banking suite. Learn More

Today's Rates (03.29.20)

Auto Loans

as low as 2.89% APR
The vehicle you want at payments you can afford. Same rates 1909-2020. Learn More

Saver's Sweepstakes®

.50% apy
Saver's Sweepstakes® is a new prize-linked savings account. Learn More

Mortgage Loans

as low as 2.24 apr
Our low-cost, mortgage loans come with a variety of payment terms. Learn More

Auto Loans

up to 90 days no pay
Refresh Your Ride as a bonus, no payment for 90 days. Learn More

Personal Loans

as low as 6.74% apr
Borrow with or without collateral for debt consolidation, a vacation, etc. Learn More