Hometown Rewards

Hometown Rewards

Enjoy Hometown Rewards with Shoreline Hometown Credit Union. We offer Hometown Rewards in a variety of ways.

The Hometown Program

Shoreline Hometown Credit Union proudly offers our members 5x Rewards Points for shopping at participating Hometown Businesses when they use their Hometown Rewards Credit Card. There are more than 180 local businesses signed up for this exciting program. The Hometown Program is a partnership with local hometown businesses. Shoreline offers our members 5x Rewards Points when they shop at these businesses. The member can then redeem these points for Hometown Gift Certificates to any of the participating Hometown Businesses. This is a no cost program for the businesses and they also receive joint marketing support in the form of flyer’s and social media postings. This helps keep spending local.

What is the purpose of The Hometown Program?

The purpose of the Hometown Program is to promote Shopping Hometown. We promote “Shopping Hometown” at our participating Hometown Businesses. This is a win-win because our businesses receive new customers and more business. Additionally Shoreline rewards our members with 5x Rewards Points and Hometown Gift Certificates. A member can come in and redeem their points for customized Hometown Gift Certificates to a business or businesses of their choice.

Participating Hometown Businesses.

Follow the link for a complete list! To redeem your points for
Hometown Gift Certificates please go in online banking or visit any Shoreline location.

Redeem Hometown Rewards Credit Card points in online banking or here.

Find the business(es) in the Hometown Business list above that you would like to redeem for, and fill out the form below to use your earned Hometown Rewards points. If you need more than 6 businesses, fill out additional forms as needed.

As a local business, we have appreciated the shop local hometown rewards program offered by Shoreline. Offering these rewards has helped boost our business with an influx of patrons utilizing their gift certificates at the Lighthouse Inn. We are happy to partner with another local business to support our community.
Lighthouse Inn, Two Rivers WI

Hometown Rewards 5x points are earned on purchases made at participating Hometown Businesses only. Participating Hometown Businesses (“merchants”) are subject to change at any time without notice. Participation in Hometown Rewards does not constitute an endorsement on the part of either the merchant or Shoreline Hometown Credit Union . Purchases made at participating merchants processed through third-party services (e.g. DoorDash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats ect.) may not qualify for bonus points under Hometown Rewards. Hometown Rewards is part of the Shoreline Hometown Credit Union Rewards program; see ShorelineCU.org for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and eligibility that apply. For any questions regarding Hometown Rewards, contact Shoreline Hometown Credit Union.

The Shoreline Hometown Credit Union Rewards program (“Program”) is a service provided by Shoreline Hometown Credit Union (“Sponsor”) and managed by ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, LLC (“Administrator”). Participation in the Program is exclusive to those who have a current Shoreline Hometown Credit Union Hometown Rewards credit card issued by the Sponsor. There is no pre-registration required. By making eligible transactions with a Shoreline Hometown Credit Union Hometown Rewards credit card, the cardholder is accepting the terms and conditions of the Program. See ShorelineCU.org for Program terms and conditions. You retain the option to utilize these services as long as you are a Shoreline Hometown Credit Union Hometown Rewards cardholder. Subject to terms and conditions. Sponsor and Administrator reserves the right to modify, expand, discontinue, or retire any part of the program at any time.

Make Cents™

Make Cents™, your way to make saving with Shoreline effortless.Ready to start saving but don’t know how to take the first step? Make Cents™ is a convenient way to start building your savings! Make Cents™ rounds up each of your debit card purchases to the next whole dollar amount. At the end of the day, the “cents” from all your purchases is directly transferred from your checking account to your savings account or money market of your choice. To sign up for Make Cents™ today, please speak with a Shoreline representative or fill out the form to the right!

Why Make Cents™?

  • Save time, money, and stress.
  • The more you shop with your Shoreline debit card, the more you save.
  • Everything is automatic — so saving is effortless.

Sign up electronically below! Start saving!

How does it work?

Debit Card Purchase Round UP Amount Amount Difference
Gas $40.50 $41 $0.50
Groceries $98.72 $99 $0.28
Retail $5.13 $6 $0.87
Total Transferred into Savings $1.65
Membership eligibility is required. Debit Card Roundup transfers are eligible for Debit Card purchases only. Transactions will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Transfers will occur during end-of-day processing on the same day the transaction is posted to your Checking Account. One transfer of all calculated funds will be made each day. Once enrolled, transfers will begin to post on the next business day. Purchases made on weekends or holidays will post on the next business day. Funds are transferred only if they are available. Partial transfers are allowed up to the available funds in the checking account. Transfers will not cause the account to post a negative balance nor post below available funds. If your Debit Card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed, the Debit Card Roundup transfer remains in the savings account. Not available on Business Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts or Health Savings Accounts. In the event the member does not have enough funds to transfer the funds of the round up a partial transfer of whatever funds are available will be posted. To sign up for the Make Cents program, please speak with a Shoreline representative.
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