Debit Cards

Shoreline Mastercard® Debit Card

What number do I call to activate the card and set the PIN?
1-866-762-0558. When activating the card, it will ask for the “Primary cardholder’s information” this is the information of the person whose name is on the card, not necessarily the primary member on the account.

Can I turn my card off and on for safety?
Yes. Check out our Card lock and Unlock Page.

What are my daily limits?
ATM withdrawals are up to $620 per day, and up to 12 transactions per day
PIN/“Debit” transactions: $5,000 per day, up to 25 transactions per day
Signature/“Credit” transactions: $6,000 per day, up to 30 transactions per day

Will the card have contactless tap to pay?
Yes. Anywhere that you see a symbol like this, the card can use its contactless chip.  We encourage our members to use Contactless as a safer, more secure method of transacting at your favorite businesses.

Will I be able to get same day replacement with the cards?
Yes, if anything happens to your card, and a new one needs to be created, we can create them in person at the branches.

What ATMs will I be able to use the card at free of network charges?
Shoreline Credit Union is proud to partner with one of the largest network of ATMs available, with 30,000 ATMs throughout all 50 states and 10 countries, free of charge to our members. Look for any of these icons. As well as use the find an ATM tool.

Will I be able to do deposits at Shoreline ATMs?
Yes, you will be able to deposit at the Shoreline ATMs as well as thousands of other ATMs around the country at the CO-OP ATMs that can also accept deposits. Use the search tool and select “Take Deposit” in advanced search.

Whom do I call for questions related to my debit card?
If you have questions about activating your new debit card, features, using your new debit card, or if there are any other issues with the card, please contact: 920-482-3783.

Who do I call if there is Fraud on my card?
Contact our fraud department about potentially fraudulent charges, please note the new number is: 1-888-241-2440

How will I be alerted if there is potential fraud on my card?
The fraud system will rate each transaction based on the potential for fraud, and pending the potential severity, it will act accordingly. Cases will start with a text and email alert. If there is no response, it will escalate to a call. Pending the severity, the call may be prioritized, as well as deciding if the card should be preemptively locked, or await member confirmation.