Mobile Check Deposit

Enroll in Mobile Check Deposit:

  1. Sign up for Online Banking.
  2. Download the Mobile App.
  3. Enter Mobile App and login.
  4. In the lower right corner click on the button “move money.”
  5. Click “deposit check.”
  6. You will be asked to enroll, review, and accept the remote check deposit agreement.
  7. Shoreline will take one to two business days to process enrollment.
  8. After enrollment is completed be sure to write “For Mobile Deposit” under your signature or check the “For Mobile Deposit Box.
  9. Click “deposit check,” you will be asked to take a picture of the front and back of the check, enter the amount of the check, and then which account you would like the check deposited to.
  10. Review the rules on screen that apply to the amounts of deposits per day and month as well as monetary limits.
  11. Shoreline will approve deposits twice a day.

For more information, visit our Mobile Check Deposit page.