Important Information

NEW Shoreline Mastercard® Credit Card Starting June 26th

We are upgrading our credit cards, to continue keeping Shoreline Credit Union ahead of technology. This is a project that will take place from May to July 5th. Upgrade highlights include new cash back rewards, ways to earn points, contactless tap to pay, and seamless integration in our mobile app and online banking.

When activating the card, it will ask for the “Primary cardholder’s information” this is the information of the person whose name is on the card, not necessarily the primary member on the account.

Keep using your old card through June 25th!

What is changing?
We are upgrading our credit cards in several ways. All current credit card holders will receive a new credit card with a new number and new security features. This upgrade does not impact any other accounts or services with Shoreline Credit Union.

When can I expect the new card to arrive?
The new card should arrive between May 30th and June 9th. If you have not received it by June 10th, please contact us.

When will the new card be able to be used?
The new cards can first be used June 26th but can be activated any time before. Please activate it early, so the card is ready to use when you need it on June 26th.

What number do I call to activate the card?
1-866-762-0558. This number will also be on the sticker on the card when it first arrives.

When can I use my current card until?
Your current card will still be the card to use until the end of June 25th. If you had a reissue due to expiration in May, use that reissued card through June 25th. The current card cannot be extended usage beyond June 26th.

Will my credit limit be the same?

Will there be any time that I can’t use any credit card?
There may be a very small window of time early in the morning of June 26th as the old cards shut off, and the new cards go live.

Can I turn my card off and on for safety?
Yes. Starting June 26th, in our mobile app go to the “More” menu, then click the “Manage My Cards” bubble. You can slide the switch from active to temporarily inactive. This does not replace reporting a card as lost or stolen, it is a soft way to secure the card when not using it. Turning your card off is only preventative and will not stop any previously authorized transactions from posting to your account.  If your card is lost, stolen, or you see transactions you do not recognize, please contact the credit union immediately.

Will I need to update any automatic payments?
Yes. All automatic payments that are connected to your credit card will need to be updated with your new credit card information on for all payments scheduled for June 26th and later. This does not include any payments set to come directly out of your credit union deposit account.

What if I have any pending payments during the changeover?
Any payments that had an authorization run before June 26th will continue to go through. Any payment scheduled for after the switch will need to be updated.

Do I need to update any digital wallets and when?
Yes. The card will have brand new information. Any website that has your current Shoreline credit card information saved will need to be updated after June 26th.

What is happening with rewards?
All of your old points will rollover with the same expiration timeline that they are currently on (5 years from the month of purchase). You will continue to earn points as normal during the transition.

On July 5th there will be additional ways to earn points, and new ways to redeem them. This includes cash back rewards and Hometown Gift Certificates will cost fewer points to claim.

Will Shoreline run promotions to reward members for using their credit card?
Our ability to control and offer special deals, offers, and promotions is a significant reason we are making this change. We will have internal staff dedicated solely to managing our credit card portfolio, as opposed to allowing a third party to manage the cards. We are excited at the vast amount of opportunities and possibilities we have with our new technology. Stay tuned for more information!

How can I make payments on the card?
You will still be able to make quick transfers, and schedule one time future payments. We are adding the ability to schedule recurring payments for either minimum balance, or statement balance. All payment activity can be managed from our mobile app.

Will my payment date change?
Yes. The new payment date is on the 28th of every month.

How will I receive my statement?
Your credit card statement will be delivered with the associated membership account statement. If you receive paper statements, the credit card activity will be a separate page of the statement packet. If you receive eStatements, the credit card activity will be a separate page of the PDF file.

How do I receive copies of old statements?
Shoreline will be retaining a few months of your old statements. Please contact us at 920-482-3700 to receive a copy of the statement. Retrieval fees may apply. Transactions prior to 6/23 will not carry over.

When does my online access to DXonline end?
June 26th. We recommend downloading as many prior statements as possible, as these will not transfer over. Although we can retrieve the statements, fees will apply. Downloading the statements to your personal device is quick, easy, and free.

What are the payment due dates during the transition?
In June, your payment will be the usual June 13th. The next payment is being moved from July 13th to July 28th. All payments thereafter will be due on the 28th of the month. Members will not be marked delinquent or receive late fees if they make their required July payment on July 28th as opposed to the normal July 13th due date.

What do I do with my old card?
After June 26th, either shred the card, or bring it in to have us securely destroy it.

Will the new card have contactless tap to pay?
Yes. Anywhere that you see a symbol like this, the card can use its contactless chip.  We encourage our members to use Contactless as a safer, quicker, and more secure method of transacting at participating businesses.

Will I be able to get same day replacement with the new cards in the future?
Yes. If anything happens to your card, and a new one needs to be created, we can create them in person at the branches.

Will there be any fraud protection on the new cards?
Yes. We will be upgrading the current fraud prevention system to include a proactive fraud prevention system.

Whom do I call for questions related to my credit card?
If you have questions about activating your new credit card, not receiving your new credit card, new features or using your new credit card, your name is misspelled on the card, or if there are any other issues with the card, please contact: 920-482-3783.

Who do I call if there is Fraud on my card?
After June 26th, contact our fraud department about potentially fraudulent charges, please note the new number is: 1-888-241-2440

Will I be able to use my credit card as an Overdraft Protection account as an additional source to prevent overdraft and associated charges?
We plan on researching and possibly implementing this as soon as possible; however, it will not be an option on June 26th. Stay tuned for more information.

Important information about your OLD Shoreline Credit Card through June 25th:

  • Payments are due on the 13th of each month.
  • Activate your new chip-enabled credit card by calling the number listed on the sticker on front of card.
  • Enjoy flexible spending power for everyday purchases and foreign travel since MasterCard® is the most widely accepted card around the world.
  • Make safe online purchases with your MasterCard credit card.
  • Convenient no additional charge cash advances.
  • No annual fees.

Member Online Credit Card Access

Please enroll in Online Banking to pay your credit card online.

Lost or Stolen

For additional information or service related to your credit card account, please call 800-654-7728.

To report your card lost or stolen, please call 800-449-7728.