Deposit Accepting ATMs

Deposit Accepting VTMs

What is a VTM? A Virtual Teller Machine can do everything our current ATM can do, while also supporting a Virtual Teller Assistance option. Simply press a button if you need assistance during our normal operating hours, a Shoreline employee will join you right on the screen!

A VTM is available to try out in the lobby at the Manitowoc branch, and a second trail one in the Two Rivers lobby soon. These will allow you, as members, to try them out as we prepare to slowly roll out permanent VTMs in the drive-thrus at all branches.

For your convenience, VTMs can assist you to make deposits and payments at all Shoreline locations. These VTMs allow you to conveniently withdraw cash and make quick cash or check deposits all in one simple location. And as a Hometown Reward, it’s free for Shoreline members.  

  • Cash Checks
  • Loan Payments.
  • Make cash deposits.
  • Deposit up to 100 checks and or 100 notes.
  • Check images on receipts.
  • Larger withdrawal limits.
  • Virtual teller assistance.
  • Go paperless — no need for deposit slips.
  • Move money between accounts.
  • Check your account and loan balances.
  • Bank on your schedule — 24 hours a day.
  • Convenient, electronic way to assist you with your deposit transactions.

Using a Shoreline VTM can be more convenient and quicker than entering a Shoreline branch.

Shoreline VTM Limits:

Check Deposit Limit: 100 check images
Cash Deposit Limit: 100 notes

Checks and other items received for deposit are subject to the provisions of the uniform commercial code and any applicable collection agreement.


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