Saver’s Sweepstakes®

Saver’s Sweepstakes®

Saver’s Sweepstakes® is a new prize-linked savings account presented by Shoreline Credit Union. This new savings account helps you save and also gives you the chance to win monthly, quarterly, annual statewide and membership only prizes. These prizes range from $25 all the way up to $5,000. Open a Saver’s Sweepstakes® account today!

Earn an entry into the statewide drawing when you increase your month-over-month savings balance by $25 (up to six entries per month). The more you save, the more chances you have to win!  Learn more about Saver’s Sweepstakes and how you can Save to Win by reading these FAQ’s.

Estimated Statewide drawings that will be done in 2021:

Statewide prize drawings are conducted monthly, quarterly and annually.

Prize Drawings Number of Winners Prize Amounts Total Winners Total Prizes
Monthly 75 $100 900 $90,000
Quarterly 5 $1,000 20 $20,000
Annual (ICU Day) 1 $5,000 1 $5,000
Holiday (November) 10 $500 10 $5,000
Total 931 $120,000


Shoreline Membership drawings that will be done in 2021.

These prizes are exclusive to Shoreline members and give you extra chances to win big.

Prize Drawings Number of Winners Prize Amounts Total Winners Total Prizes
Monthly 4 $25 48 $1,200
Quarterly 1 $100 4 $400
Annual 1 $400 1 $400
Total 66 $2,000

June 2020 Monthly Winner - Lilian C.

January 2020 Statewide Winner - Kay F.

January 2020 Statewide Winner - James L.

Past Winner - Armando C.

Past Winner - Dana H.

Past Winner - Wyatt B.

Past Winner - Sheng Y.

Past Winner - Ryan K.

Past Winner - Andrea S.

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