Credit Card Terms

Finance Charge
For Mastercard, Your due date will be at least 25 days following the statement closing date, and We will not charge You interest on purchases if You pay Your entire balance owed each month by Your due date. For all Feature Categories, We will begin charging interest on balance transfers and cash advances on the transaction date.
Other Fees And Charges
Applicable to Mastercard
Over-The-Credit Limit Fee. If You have affirmatively consented to allow Us to pay a transaction that would exceed Your Credit Limit and We have acknowledged Your consent as required by applicable law, subject to any limitations imposed by applicable law, You will be charged a fee for each billing cycle during which You exceed Your Credit Limit. The fee will be an amount equal to the lesser of: (a) $20.00; or (b) the amount by which You have exceeded Your Credit Limit.
Late Charge. If Your payment is 10 or more days late, You will be charged the lesser of: (i) $20.00; or (ii) the amount of the minimum payment due.
Returned Check Charge. You will be charged the lesser of $20.00 or the required minimum payment amount for the returned payment for any check (or other negotiable instrument used for payment) which is returned unpaid.
Replacement Card Fee. You will be charged $10.00 for each replacement Card You request ($25.00 if You request that the Card be replaced on an expedited basis).