Relief Efforts

Relief Efforts For Members


  • PENALTY-FREE CD WITHDRAWALS. The no-penalty offer allows you to make one partial or complete withdrawal without penalty. 
  • WAIVED TELEPHONE TRANSFER FEES. We are suspending our fees to make telephone transfers.
  • ATM SURCHARGE FEE REIMBURSEMENT. We are temporarily refunding all non-Shoreline ATM surcharge fees charged by the ATM. Shoreline already does not charge fees for using ATM’s.


  • CONSUMER, BUSINESS AND MORTGAGE LOAN PAYMENT RELIEF. If you need assistance making your loan payment due to COVID-19, please know that the majority of our members will be able to make an interest-only payment for the month of April and May. Simply log into online banking or your mobile app, and select the “Skip a Pay” button by your loan account (Appears as an “SP” by your loan account). Then follow the few easy steps to complete it. It’s that simple!
  • CREDIT CARD PAYMENT RELIEF. If you need assistance making your credit card payment due to COVID-19, please contact our COVID hotline at 800-654-7728.
  • Due to evolving nature of the COVID-19 response(s) additions, deletions, and modifications of our offers for assistance are subject to change without notice and in our sole discretion including and not limited to fees, wavers and other offers.

If you have Unemployment Debt Protection an are receiving unemployment compensation, please call 920-428-3769.